First Ice Cream Sandwich Screenshots Leaked!

Today is the day that you and I have been waiting for since we heard whispers of Ice Cream Sandwich, the next amazing version of Android. The guys over at RootzWiki got some screenshots and details about ICS, and I know you’re eager to hear this, so let’s get right into it!

As you can see from the photo above, Google has implemented quite a bit of blue into ICS, and it actually looks really well thought out. There’s also an awesome new launcher, as seen below, and the notifications system has been totally revamped. Also worth noting is the fact that Google apparently hasn’t decided on a version number, as we can see that it just says “IceCreamSandwich” under the Android Version heading. The really important details are as follows:

  • GMail will be themed to match the blue hints that we see
  • Google Search bar has been embedded in the top of the launcher, just like in Honeycomb
  • Will be made available to the Nexus S, after the Nexus Prime gets it
  • The Camera has a panorama mode
  • Several UI changes and enhancements

Not much else is known at the moment, but RootzWiki’s source claims that this is a very early build, so don’t expect to see it on your device any time soon. They’re also saying that older Android devices (mainly those that were released in the last year) should be able to run ICS once it’s finished.

So, who else is even more excited about Ice Cream Sandwich now that we’ve seen some leaked shots? Drop a comment below!

Source AndroidPolice

  • Why do all Android blogs just rip each other off? AndroidPolice got these images…not you guys. I love your blog, but stop ripping their shit and putting “Source” as way to try and legitimize it.

    • Anonymous

      Welcome to the internet.

    • Elvis

      See that thing at the end of the post that says “Source”? What does it say after that?

    • This is the dumbest comment I have read in a long time on any android related blog. You sure iOS isn’t better suited for you anyways? 😉

  • Kingphillyus

    I’ve seen less blacked out material in CIA top secret documents.  Hard to get any kind of decent look at it.  Guess it’s a start. 

  • I hope it`s better than Gingerbread

  • Anonymous

    This has actually significantly reduced my excitement for ICS =/ I really don’t like the blue; the first thing I thought when I saw it was CyanogenMod which I’m not keen on. Almost all the UI changes could be done by theming. I really hope that this is just a really early build, or maybe that it is a slimmed down version for older phones and the Nexus Prime will have the full version; Gingerbread is much better looking.

  • Anonymous

    Icons…Icons I’m sure Apple invented and patented the icon. I smell a law suit.  

    The iSuit, making even record companies fear the wrath of the patented iTroll.

  • carlos

    Well… Kind of a dissappoint for me too. Just looks like GB with some different icons and colors. So much expectation I was expecting a complete overhault interface! It doesn’t even look like it has been improvements…

  • ri5ival

    Shuan mclane you need to now that’s just how websites work they feed of each other. Go and follow gamers site you’ll see the same thing.

  • I personally think this is fantastic. 
    I think Google needs to whip Big Red into shape. 

    Dear Verizon, 
    Roll out updates quicker. 


  • There’s also an awesome new launcher…I really can’t wait to see and use this.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, I have to call fake on this one. There is no way this is ICS

    • Dinesh Abraham

      i knw right !!! i tot it was going to use the same UI from honeycomb.

    • Justin Marden

      The guys at RootzWiki are reporting that it’s the same source that leaked those Gingerbread photos last year, the ones that turned out to be 100% real. We have no reason to believe that these couldn’t be just as legitimate.

  • This version is going to rock 🙂
    After google has already released so many version for Android 🙂 so Android must rock this time.