LG Optimus Sol Makes a Video Debut

The LG Optimus Sol, originally codenamed Victor, recently made a brief video debut. The SOl will be featured in two colors, sliver and black, and will be making its way to Vodafone in the near future for €299 (roughly $425). There’s no word on whether we’ll see this phone in the States. Although it’s in German, be sure to check out the video below the break.

What are your thoughts? Are mid-range Android phones becoming too numerous? Leave your comments below!

Source BestBoyz.de (don’t mind the typo in their post header, it’s LG not Samsung)


  • The design of this phone is ridiculously sleek. 

  • It looks like the display is dimmed by sunlight.

  • I can’t wait to use one…also the SOl will be featured in two colors, sliver and black.

  • rawb

    he said that the display is dimmed by factory for most of the prototype devices.

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