Motorola Not Backing Down From Apple Lawsuit, Says it Has “No Merit”

It’s obvious by now, after having sued Samsung, which led to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 being banned from every major European country, that Apple likes to enforce patent infringement on other companies. Their latest victim appears to be Motorola, as Apple mentioned, in a complaint over the Samsung lawsuit, that they (Apple) had filed a patent suit against Moto for the design of the Xoom, claiming that it infringed on their patents. While the motion was filed on May 27, 2011, the case had not yet been made public until Apple let it slip in Europe. A spokesperson for Motorola emailed CNET, explaining what exactly happened.

After Motorola filed patent infringement complaints against Apple in Germany in April 2011, Apple responded by filing its own patent infringement actions against Motorola in Germany including design patent infringement claims. Apple’s complaint for design patent infringement was filed on May 27, 2011, over two months ago.

The spokesperson went on to say that Motorola has reviewed Apple’s claims, and they believe the claims “have no merit.” It’s unclear which patents the Xoom supposedly infringed upon, but something has certainly got the Apple lawyers upset. Of course, this isn’t the first time Apple’s slapped Motorola with a lawsuit. Back October of 2010, Apple claimed that six patents had been violated by Moto in some of their smartphones, uncluding the Droid X, Droid 2, and of course the original Droid.

So what do you think about all of this? Does Apple have any merit in their patent claims? Or are they just suing anyone and anything they see? Sound off in the comments below!

Source CNET

  • applesux

    Apple is lame.

  • applesux

    Apple is lame.

  • Anonymous

    It has a bezel a camera a touchscreen and isclassed as a ‘mobile computing device®’
    moto are screwed 🙁

  • Noah

    Those who can do and who can’t sui

  • Lindsay Reid

    Some of the patents that Apple and others have, should never have been granted. It seems to me that some of the patents granted are akin to granting patents for the wheel.

    These legal suits are just stifling competition and innovation – perhaps that is the intention. The consumer suffers and the lawyers get rich.

  • Anonymous

    At this rate, it wont’ be long before Apple start suing Tefal for patent infringement with their steam irons. The steam iron has buttons and switches that must be touched.

  • These actions will not help Apple. Very good facts for any company with hardware products. Combined with the fact that Apple products need iTunes and the limitations…
    This could be the time apple starts loosing market share. And that is suicide by Apple itself.

  • cyberDJ

    The only reason Apple is on top right now is because they have a legion of mindless Zombies supporting their mediocre products.  Suing the piss out of the competition is the only way they will stay out in front. 
    Apple would rather sue their competitors rather than foster an innovative idea.