Review: Pops for Android

If you’re looking to spice up your mobile notifications a bit, you might just want to check out a new Android application called Pops. Pops is a full rework of your Android notifications, and it provides a neat little animation (or user uploaded video) instead of just a ringtone and a new icon in your notification bar. Though this may sound extremely intrusive and annoying, it’s really not. That’s because Pops only enables these video notifications when your device’s screen is off. 


In the Pops application itself, you can choose to enable up to four notifications: Twitter, Facebook, G-Mail, and SMS. With these four, you can set different animations or download one animation pack, which will theme them all to the respective application from which they are providing notifications. Pops has done a great job at integrating a full suite of animations to download, all from the application. Of course if you don’t want one of their animations, you can always record a video or choose a video from your gallery to use.

When you’re actually receiving the notification, you simply tap your screen, and from there you have a 4-way navigational pad. Dragging up will bring you to the notifications settings, down will prompt you to share “Pops” with your friends, right will cancel the notification, and left will open up the notification for you to view. If you choose to cancel the notification, or if you receive a notification while using the phone, you will receive a simple unintrusive notification at the top of your screen. This notification will link to the Pops built-in universal inbox for all your notifications.

Pops for Android is a great application, and shows potential for more application support in the future. Pops also provides ability to only display certain notifications and disable the universal inbox notifications, all from the settings. Pops is free to download from the Android Market, and I encourage you to try it. Also, since this application is very new, they are still working out some of the kinks. But if you’re feeling adventurous, you can download Pops for Android by using the box below.

Which applications notifications would you like to see Pops integrate with next? Leave your comments after the break!



Link for Mobile Viewing.

  • rev2redlineguy

    Pretty cool stuff! I like it so far. 

  • Bosman71

    Makes a phone (SGS) running slow and SMS are not saved in a standard system Inbox.

  • Mrosen8833

    I like it! Would love to have a popup for missed calls.

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