Samsung Galaxy S Plus Gets Some Hands On

Quite a few chaps have been getting some hands on time with the new (can I say new?) Samsung Galaxy S Plus which is set to launch in the UK as a Vodafone exclusive. According to reviews, this piece of hardware is going to have a hard time finding a place in the current mobile world. It’s essentially a Samsung Galaxy S with a little extra umph. The extra beef comes from its 1.4GHz single core processor which sadly, performs slower than the already available Galaxy S II. Other improvements include its 1650mAh battery, although it will be interesting to see if the faster processor cancels out any possible benefit of having a larger battery. Well… that about does it. No really, that’s about it.

I feel kind of bad for the little fella who’s set to launch into a mobile arena full of dual-core behemoths. And to add insult to injury, its brethren the Samsung Galaxy II has already been out sporting the improved TouchWiz 4.0, a dual-core processor, and a camera that actually has a flash. It’s moments like this that give me headaches but hey, that’s what Samsung is for, right?

So to sum things up, if you’re in the market for a free device with a £31 a month, 24 month deal, keep your eyes peeled for the Samsung Galaxy S Plus with its 1.4GHz single core processor, 5MP (no flash) rear camera, VGA front facing camera, 8GB internal storage, TouchWiz 3.0 and Android 2.3.3. Cheers!

Source: Techradar