Those Awesome Sounding Samsung Phones May or May Not be Real

You know those leaked Samsung phones from yesterday? You know what we’re talking about, the half dozen Android products on the horizon, including an Ice Cream Sandwich handset.  It turns out that enough noise was made about these guys on the internet yesterday to elicit a response from Samsung.  Posting on their official blog last night, the hardware maker poured a little cold water on the rumors but did not flat out deny them.  

Some media have been reporting that Samsung is preparing to launch nine new smartphones and two new tablet devices. While Samsung is continuously working on new devices for our customers, the details being cited are not accurate in this case.  We appreciate the interest in our upcoming mobile devices and will share more information once its available. – Samsung

So there you have it.  Yes, they are working on new stuff. As to exactly what stuff that is remains to be seen.  We have a feeling that the leaks were more right than wrong and that Samsung is simply not ready to unveil the devices.

What does your gut tell you?

Respect knuckles to Androinica for the heads up.

  • My gut tells me that this was not a denial. I’d love a phone with a 720p screen…

  • Anonymous

    Depends what Apple can ban methinks

  • Anonymous

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