Beta Test This: Pocket Informant 1.5

The makers of Pocket Informant have just released the latest public beta, version 1.5, for Android devices. If you’re not familiar with Pocket Informant, it’s essentially a calendar app and a task manager all in one. Users can look at their list of things to do, and see how it plays out into their day, week, etc. The latest beta version includes several new features:

  • Updated UI
  • Specific UI for Honeycomb tablets
  • Syncing with Google Tasks
  • Subtasks
  • Mutli-select for tasks
  • Today view

So, if you haven’t already given Pocket Informant a try, we encourage you to download version 1.5 from here. Be sure to give WebIS (the developers behind PI) your feedback, so they know what’s good and what needs improvement.

So who’s tried the beta? Impressed? Leave a comment after the break!

  • Kir

    widget widget 

  • Jake Markhus

    Looks great so far. The integration into my existing calendar events allowing editing which used to be a pain point in android is awesome

  • Lavanda

    It is a great app! with a few exceptions though: 1) There is no widget, and the program is not found by Pure Grid
    Calendar widget either (although Pocket Informant Beta and Final does show up in the
    list of programs that Pure Grid works with). 2) I could not figure out how to sync tasks with pre-installed Calendar, although I checked settings everywhere I could think off.  Maybe it is not because of the PI, but the other Calendar? Events sync well with it though..

    Now wondering when the final version will be available. Thank you.

  • Brian

    Liked 1.5 beta better than 1.0, but still cannot complete events.  Did like ability to sync with Google tasks.

  • Rachel P.

    Just came on board with Android. Have had this on Windows Mobile as well as Blackberry.  This interface is fresh and looks great.  The program works much better than the 1.0 which I did have installed on my Evo Shift for a brief moment.