Huddle Up,’s 2011 Fantasy Football App Now Available in the Android Market

It’s that time again. Time for football, the only American sport worth watching (okay, maybe hockey too), and with football season comes fantasy football. The only time of the year when men get to wage war against their closest buddies using statistical ammunition fired off by their favorite NFL players. Today, dropped a lethal weapon onto the Android front, a weapon which will give Android users a prime advantage over their adversaries. That weapon is the official 2011 Fantasy Football App. This essential tool allows users to manage their Fantasy Football teams while on the go. Users of the 2011 Fantasy Football app will be able to:

  • Join or create a league
  • Check live fantasy scoring
  • Sit/Start and Add/Drop players
  • Propose and accept trades
  • Read up-to-the minute player news
  • Manage teams in multiple leagues

Android users involved in fantasy leagues will not want to be left without this piece of equipment come game day, so head on over to the Android Market and prepare yourselves for battle. Good luck my Gridiron warriors and Godspeed.

Android Market Link: Fantasy Football 2011

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