A Single Shriek of Excitement can be Heard as Kyocera Announces “Summer of Free Apps” Promotion for Echo Users


Kyocera would like to say thank you to the 13 year old boy in NJ who accidentally bought a Kyocera Echo after mistaking it for a limited edition Nintendo DS by giving away 12 free games during Kyocera’s “Summer of Free Apps.” All joking aside, the world’s first dual-touchscreen Android phone has seen some growth in application development and now they want to show off the unique gaming experience that comes with owning a Kyocera Echo. In an attempt to market an already confusing product, Kyocera will be giving away a dual-screen-optimized version of SEGA’s classic “Sonic the Hedgehog,” (a first for Android) along with these other 11 titles:

  • “Burn the Rope”
  • “Colours”
  • “Coropata”
  • “Crazy Dunker”
  • “Cupig”
  • “Induced Current”
  • “SmackTalk!”
  • “Space Wander Landing”
  • “Sudoku Master”
  • “Super Monkey Ball”
  • “Transporter”

These free apps which normally cost anywhere between $.99 and $4.99 are available for free for the first 10,000 combined downloads and can be found by going to the “Top Apps” shortcut on your Echo or “Top Apps” section at http://www.echobykyocera.com. Hurry this promo won’t last long.

Anyone out there listening? Hello… Hello… Hello..

Source: Business Wire