October 21, 2014

Google Maps Updated, Tablet Support for Transit Navigation, Bubble Buttons, and More...

Google Maps was updated to version 5.9.0 today, adding a couple new “Transit” features to what is by far one of the most used apps on Android. If you’re a tablet owner brave enough to wield your expensive toy around while traveling by public transit then you will be happy to know that this latest update adds “Transit Navigation” support for tablets. For those of you not familiar with “Transit Navigation,” it’s basically Google Navigation for public transit. With “Transit Navigation,” users can enjoy GPS stop-by-stop navigation for public transit directions in 400+ cities around the world.

Not only does this update give tablet users support for “Transit Navigation” but it also brings voice and ringtone notifications to all users of the service. As long as you live or travel in one of the supported cities, you will now be able to set notifications to warn you of upcoming stops, thus allowing you to unglue yourself from your screen for fear of missing a stop.

Along with the added “Transit” features, users will find the return of those convenient “Bubble Buttons’ Labs.” Those quick and easy pop-up buttons that appear over a map result, allowing users to place a call or go straight to navigation with a single touch. I love it when things get easier and I especially love it when the most useful app on the planet makes things easier. So keep the updates coming Google, we heart them.

Android Market Link: Google Maps (might not be live on the web market just yet)