Say Hello to the Diminutive HTC Pico


We’re tossing yet another HTC handset on your radar today with the compact and stylish Pico. Calling to mind other dimunitive HTC products such as the Tattoo and Wildfire, the Pico is more about form than function. Specifications are said to include a Qualcomm MSM7227 600MHz processor, 5-megapixel camerea, 384MB RAM. While the screen size is estimated at 3.2-inches with a presumed 480×320 resolution, other details are more concrete in a 1230mAh battey, and support for Wi-Fi, GPS, HSPA, and Bluetooth. Looking at the blueberry color of the phone, it’s easy to imagine the HTC Pico as having interchangeable faceplates and designs.

Source: Via: Unwired View

  • Anonymous

    If that’s a 3.2 inch screen then that phone is a lot bigger than it looks (it’s almost exactly the same height and width as the HTC Magic). I think the oversized HTC logo on the back creates an optical illusion that makes it seem smaller than it really is.