Samsung Supplier Confirms Super AMOLED Plus HD Displays

A Samsung supplier and another anonymous industry source have separately confirmed that Samsung is indeed working on Super AMOLED Plus HD displays and that we might soon expect to see announcements. According to information obtained by OLED-Info, the company has been able to obtain HD resolution (720p) for smaller screen sizes using PenTile matrix technology and that new materials should help usher in lower prices.

Rumors have been swirling over the last few weeks that Samsung (and other players) would be offering handsets with displays that offer 720p resolution. OLED-Info’s sources indicate we can expect 5-inch to 6-inch smart phones in the fall of this year, even suggesting that the recently leaked GT-I9220 might be among the first models. Of course, Samsung might tell us otherwise.

  • The OLED-Association informed us that Samsung Mobile Display is ready to produce a Amoled display with 326ppi. This means that SMD want to produce a 4.5 inch Super-Amoled-HD Display with 1280×720 pixels. To reach this goal Samsung must switch back to the RGBG Pentile technology.But the OLED-Association are sure they will likely introduce RGB stripe versions just as they did with the Galaxy S to Galaxy S Plus –> Super-Amoled-HD-Plus

  • PacoBell

    SAMOLED+ and PenTile don’t make sense together. You sure you got your information straight, Scott?