HTC Puccini to be Re-Branded as Jetstream for AT&T, Arrive in Early October

New details have emerged this week which begin to tie up a few loose ends for HTC‘s first 10-inch tablet.  Initially known as the ‘Puccini‘, the device is expected to arrive with Android 3.X Honeycomb and HTC’s custom Sense UI for tablets. Information obtained by Pocketnow just today suggests that we should start getting familiar with the term Jetstream when it ultimately arrives in early late September or October.

With IFA but a few weeks off we fully anticipate seeing HTC pull the curtain back for this tablet.  Our only hope is that this does not stay exclusive to AT&T for very long!

  •  Earlier this year the company launched its first tablet, the Android 2.2 HTC Flyer,and now they are launching the devices with Android 3.X Honeycomb.
    I think its great.

  • Ken

    How do they think this is going to attract people away from Apple tablets?
    I have been Waiting for this tablet, So I can get rid of MiPad…
    Now it’s,
    1. On AT&T, which Is Why I never got an iPhone
    2. It’s $200 more than I bought a 64G iPad for, Without a Contract!, WTF?