U.S. Smartphone Users Spend More Time in Apps Than on Mobile Web

Nielsen has posted the results of a recent study into smartphone usage, but instead of conducting surveys as per the norm they installed a piece of software on thousands of iOS and Android devices across the US. This software allowed them to track how participants used their smartphones including specific apps that they used.

What they found, was that on average, a person spends 56 minutes a day using apps and the mobile web. Of this 56 minutes, 67% was attributed to applications. That’s more than double the time spent on the web! They also found that the top 50 apps (based on time spent on them) make up over 60% of all time spent on apps and the top 10 make up 43%! That’s pretty incredible when you think of the 250,000+ apps in the Market, then again, I’m pretty sure most people don’t spend any time in apps such as “Sexy asian babe wallpapers” that lurk in the damp and dark corners of the Market

Do you spend more time in apps or on the web? Of the apps you use are there ones you use more frequently than others? Let us know what you think of the study by using the handy space provided below.

Android smartphone ODM apps-distribution


Source: Nielsen

  • Anonymous

    I’m not surprised. My wife uses her G2 quite a bit but if you were to uninstall the web browser completely she probably wouldn’t notice for months. She just doesn’t use it for web browsing.

  • Matt Yearian

    Web Browsing is pretty much all I use my tablet phone for.  But normally I am using an app that is a news aggregation service to find what I’m gonna read on the web.  My wife plays lots of angry birds and uses that app more then anything else.