UPDATE: $1500 for first HP TouchPad Android port, Hack N Mod first to Donate


With HP’s recent announcement that they will be discontinuing all webOS hardware devices, they dropped the HP TouchPad down to a mere $99 for the 16GB and only $149 for the 32GB. Now obviously this price is unbeatable (I bought 3) and is a steal for a 9.7″ screen, 1.2 GHz dual-core processor tablet. The only question the Android community has now is: “Can we put Android on this tablet?”

The TouchDroid Team is already working on porting Gingerbread to the TouchPad and Hack N Mod has joined in on the fun by offering a $1500 bounty to anyone who can fully port Android to the TouchPad. As of right now, they have almost all the sponsors filled, if you would like to sponsor this project, visit the site here.

Hopefully we can see the rest of the sponsor spots filled because if we see this accomplished, the TouchPad will become the most inexpensive “high end” Android tablet at only $99 – $149. Would you want to see this port come to life? Did you rush out on Saturday to purchase an HP TouchPad? Leave all your comments below.

Source: Android and Me


  1. It hasn’t been ported yet… The video is a hoax. The touch-droid.com team is still working on porting Gingerbread to it

    • So who has heard of the touchpad 64gb with dual core 1.5ghz? I pinged my distributor to get my hands on a heard of the 32gb and I have 20 coming but they came back and said they had the 64gb unit (only1) I could buy Also so WTH I said send it. Turns out it was due to release next week in the US. I am torn between keeping it as a badass TP or making big $$$$ on eBay ith a rare unit.

  2. Learn to fact check… I am 99% sure that this video is a fake, and the Touchdroid team has NOT announced that we have ported Android….yet… I would suggest taking this video down, since you are just giving more views to a troll.

    Again: This video is not by Team Touchdroid, and Team Touchdroid has not announced a date for the release.

  3. Hell, I saw a tweet from a TouchDroid team member yesterday saying only one of them even have a touchpad in hand so far! The rest are waiting on shipping… CAN YOU SAY FACT CHECK???

  4. got a touch pad through my school for 99 for the 32 gb haha im so happy and all my classmates are pissed they just spent 599 last week lol

  5. I grabbed a touchpad a few days ago. Being an IT professional, I am dissapointed with web os` offerings. I am looking at ubuntu but optimally android honeycomb would be amazing.