Android Market 3.1.3 Adds PIN Security, Google +1


A new version of the Android Market has found its way online, leaking ahead of any formal announcement out of the Google team. This latest release, v3.1.3, adds two key components to the build in support for Google+1 and the ability to protect accidental or unwanted purchases with PIN security.  The latter feature is one of those “it just makes sense” moves that will appeal to parents who want to keep a watchful eye on downloads. It’s also an added layer of protection for folks who might lose their handset!  As for the +1  integration, well it just falls in line with everything Google seems to be touching these days.  

We found the APK on AndroidPolice this morning and recommend checking them out for a copy of the Android Market 3.1.3 !


  1. They also made available the ability to turn on and off the update notifications , which had been removed in the last update to the market.

  2. I’ve got it now, it’s amazing. I had to hard reset my phone and lost paid apps (I tried in vain to get them back), but now I’ve got the option to install them again (which i have).