Android Already Ported to the TouchPad?

If I told you Android had already been ported to the TouchPad would you believe me? How about if I told you it came as the default OS for one lucky person having bought theirs in the $99 fire sale? Yeah I would of laughed in my face too. But, according to a video on YouTube (see below) that’s what happened. Now I want to believe it, I really do. But to me, the video seems a bit fishy.The camera keeps panning to the side cutting off most of the TouchPad and they mention a string on the boot screen reading Ubuntu which, besides the fact is Linux, has nothing to do with Android. However, a Qualcomm logo appears on boot as well, which could lend some credence to the claim.

I could be wrong and I hope I am. I’m just trying not to get my hopes up just yet as I bought a TouchPad in the UK yesterday for £89. I feel a bit traitorous saying this but I actually like webOS. There are even quite a few decent apps out there, probably more than are available for Honeycomb! But, for the foreseeable future it’s dead in the water and more apps are unlikely to be developed for it even with the current high demand for the device. So, the sooner Android gets ported to it the better. Then, once the Ice Cream Sandwich source code is released, it shouldn’t take long to get it up and running on the TouchPad. While there aren’t many apps for Android tablets right now (just like the lack of apps when Android was first released), in time, there will be. At least Android development will continue. That bodes much better for future apps.

There’s also a thread going on over on Reddit about the Android/TouchPad port started by one of the guys who made the video. It’s also accompanied by a couple of images. Devs are trying to get a system dump from the device and there’s a lot of community love and support for the project. People are pretty excited to get this up and running and the majority seem to believe it’s real.


In other Android/TouchPad port news, another video has shown up on YouTube looking like a teaser for an epic movie announcing that a Gingerbread port with instructions will be released on August 24th, followed by a similar tutorial coming on August 26th for Honeycomb! Again, I’m skeptical, but more so for the Honeycomb part than Gingerbread, as the source hasn’t been released. Although, that hasn’t stopped ports of it coming to other devices in the past.


What are your opinions? Do you think it’s possible? Have you bought a firesale TouchPad? Will you be putting Android on if it becomes possible? If so, will you go with the inferior Gingerbread to get rid of WebOS or will you wait around for a Honeycomb or Ice Cream Sandwich port? Let us know below!

Source: Android and Me, Phandroid

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  1. nportelli
    August 23, 13:17 Reply

    I’ve not used the latest WebOS but I did like the original.  I was hoping Google would buy Palm and integrate the awesome task switching into Android. 

  2. Wozza
    August 23, 13:18 Reply

    why go to gingerbread from webOS?? You may as well start wearing a loin cloth and living in a tree again as well.

  3. Nathanroys
    August 23, 13:27 Reply

    It says Ubuntu because Android runs on top of an Linux kernel, so it’s booting Ubuntu then passing over control to Android, basically Ubuntu is the under-lying system.

    • Derp
      August 24, 15:46 Reply

      You have no idea how computers work, do you?

  4. blah
    August 23, 14:42 Reply

    once you use webos , you will never go back to ISO or android.  That would be just stupid.

  5. Elvis
    August 23, 14:43 Reply

    I want one :( anyone know places that aren’t sold out?

  6. Elvis
    August 23, 14:44 Reply

    And I bet he was running it on a vm or a something

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