Developers Start Your Engines, Preview of Google TV add-on now Available for Android SDK

Great news for Google TV owners and developers alike. Those promises of the Android Market on your Google TV have just received a huge kick towards reality. In preparation for a soon-to-come Honeycomb update, developers can now download a preview of the Google TV add-on for the Android SDK. While the add-on doesn’t contain all features of Google TV it will allow developers a head start in getting their apps ready for Google TV.

The add-on provides all the tools necessary for app development, emulation (only on Linux with KVM) and testing. The Google TV add-on includes new API’s for TV interaction along with a few online publications to help make the app transition as painless as possible. The UI guidelines have some excellent tips along with a few simple reminders such as “TVs are always in landscape.” Want to make sure your app gets listed in the Android Market for Google TV? Then you’re going to want to read the “Feature Support in Google TV” section for instructions on how to specify that your application does not require full touchscreen support.

Just thinking about Honeycomb and the Android Market on my TV makes me salivate. The faster developers get started on creating and porting their Android apps to Google TV the better. Google TV is about to be resurrected very soon so all you sad faces out there that missed out on the HP TouchPad deal, you now know what to do with that extra $99 dollars — can you say Logitech Revue!

Source: Google TV Blog via Phandroid

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