March 30, 2015

Sony S1 Tablet to be Dubbed 'Tablet S' When it Arrives in Early September

After months of waiting and stringing us along with short video teasers, Sony is set to debut a pair of Android tablets. Operating under the codenames of S1 and S2 for the better part of 2011, we’ll soon be able to get our hands on the more traditional of the two. According to Engadget (who broke nearly every Sony tablet detail) the S1 will simply be known as Tablet S when it becomes available early next month.

Specifications for the Tablet S include Android 3.1 (future 3.2 and Ice Cream Sandwich support), a 9.4-inch (1280×768) display,a 5.0-megapixel camera on back, and 3.0-megapixel camera on front.Sony is building in support for a host of their own services, including PlayStation certification and Qriocity. Looking through some recently leaked documents, we can also see that the Sony Tablet S features a “TruBlack” screen technology which is said to provide more realistic colors with true black.

Pricing and availability has not been officially announced yet but Engadget feels good about the $599 sticker and early September launch. Considering that’s but a few days away we are anxiously awaiting a Sony press release.

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  1. PJS

    I was looking forward to getting this tablet but now why would I with quad core tablets right around the corner. Typical Sony beautiful design, using last years tech.

  2. bokshandschoenen

    That’s a great news , now September is running and I am waiting for its launching, Samsung is very reliable brand for me because am using its products from last 10 years and I never face any type of problem in its product….

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    Sony is a world renowned brand and It gives a standard due to its quality and people are crazy because of this, Even I also use Sony brand in laptop, mobile  & DG cam…


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