Staples Survey: Tablets Make “Out of Office” Productivity Easy

A new online survey undertaken by Staples Advantage questioned around 200 employees from companies across various industries about their thoughts on tablets, their business uses, and impact on productivity. What the survey found was that a large number of people are using their personal tablets to maintain a work/life balance, with over 60% admitting to powering on their tablet whilst on vacation to check in with the office or accomplish some work.

Other statistics from the survey include almost 60% saying they get more work done using a tablet. More than 40% said that staying connected with colleagues and clients was the primary reason for purchasing a tablet. A third of people surveyed used their tablets to review and edit documents and 75% said they use their tablets to check email. So what was the number one motivator for buying a tablet? The convenience of portability, with over 90% agreeing. Participants also admitted to using their tablets in bed (78%), in the bathroom (35%) and at a restaurant(30%).

Personally I don’t agree with the results of the survey. Before I actually owned a tablet I might of understood, but since then I’ve found it hard to be productive with one. I’ve tried to take it to University lectures as a way to take notes, I’ve tried to browse slides at my own leisure, but there’s just too many distractions such as Facebook and Angry Birds. The one time I felt any decent amount of productivity was when I was using a free wireless keyboard and mouse I got for my XOOM. I mention free because I wouldn’t of actually purchased them with my own money, but with them, my XOOM essentially became as portable as my 13″ MacBook Pro, and given the choice, from a productivity standpoint, I’d take the MacBook.

I have a feeling I’m not alone in this view of tablets, but I also suspect there will be many people out there who find themselves to be more productive with a tablet. Let us know which camp you’re in by leaving a comment below.

Source: Business Wire