Apple Scores a Win Against Samsung in Europe

Apple has scored a European victory against Samsung which could soon see the ban of three devices from the South Korean smart phone maker.  Tentatively set to take effect on October 15th, said ban will block the import of the Galaxy S, SII, and Ace through Amsterdam.

Apple has accused Samsung of violating some of their patents and The Hague Tribunal seems to side with Apple here.  Unless overturned, the blockage could have wider implications as Amsterdam is a key port of entry for many of Samung’s imports.  The patents under dispute center around a method for scrolling through photo galleries using gestures on touch screen phones.  It’s  worth pointing out that the software in violation comes from Android 2.3 Gingerbread and that none of the Honeycomb stuff has been found to be a no-no.  All we need now is to get Honeycomb on the phones over the next month or so.  In seriousness, this is could be all the more reason to rush Ice Cream Sandwich.

Samsung has requested a review of several applications for interim measures with the same court, and also have seven weeks to get things changed up.

La Tribune (France) ZDNet

  • Anonymous

    this is a victory for Samsung. All they have to do is update the gallery so it does not bounce back, something they already have in place. All other Apple claims have been rejected.  This means a minor update and Samsung sales will not be affected. 

    • let’s hope Samsung does this asap. the SII is their biggest selling device, they don’t want the sales to be halted because of the gallery.

      • Anonymous

        The judge actually commented on how this was a minor update. Most of Apples patents where rejected on a prior art basis. So we should thank the LG Prada, Nokia 7710, HP TC1100, Kinght Ridder and my favorite the Neonode N1m. The judge even went further saying that the iPads “minimalist design, the iPad basically makes itself less viable for design protection.”

        This is actually a great result for Samsung.

  • Matthew Christy

    I’d ask what the frack the judge was smoking but it’s Amsterdam so I think we already know.

  • Andy

    So let me get this right… Apple invented momentum? Next they’ll be claiming they invented gravity and suing manufacturers whose phones’ screens crack when dropped. If they haven’t patented this ‘feature’ they should do.

  • Let Samsung alone!