How To: Root Droid 3 with 1 Click

Thanks to RootzWiki and the team, we now have a 1-click root for the Droid 3. It’s super easy, just follow the instructions below. We have also provided a video for instructions and proof of root.

1. Make sure you have Motorola drivers installed – LINK to x64 drivers
2. Download and unzip ‘Droid 3 easy root script’ – Latest Here
3. On your phone: Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging(check box)
4. Plug phone into computer and select “Charge Only” mode
5. Navigate to ‘Droid 3 easy root’ folder and run ‘Click to root your Droid 3.bat’
6. Now just follow the instructions in the command window and unlock the phone after each reboot.

Easy enough? Check out the video below! Do you root your devices? Leave your comments below.

Source: RootzWiki



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  1. Peter Souza
    August 25, 22:36 Reply

    Please update the link to v7 of that script.  v5 has issues on some systems.

  2. Before installing these you should have Motorola drivers installed …..For further information you can watch video posted in this…

  3. Jeremy Miller
    August 28, 15:26 Reply

    Just wanted to confirm that this was completely successful with the leaked version of Gingerbread that I have on my Droid 2 Global, which offers hope for the possibility that it’ll work on the Bionic

  4. Godweasle
    September 03, 22:13 Reply

    I rooted my phone using this and it’s since it’s  restarted maybe 8 times. (been a half a day) blah literally just did it again. i don’t know if it’s in combination with some other program i have, but it definitely doesn’t require input from me. (just now it was sitting next to me charging) droid 3, installed from a lenovo thinkpad x220 tablet running 7 if it matters.

  5. Tang Wrangler
    September 13, 18:59 Reply

    How do I reverse this and return it back to factory so that Verizon does not know I did this?

  6. Megan
    September 27, 14:15 Reply

    I’m not able to get it to work. My usb debugging is on and it is set to charge only and the correct driver is installed, but it will not move past waiting for your phone to be connected…
    PLEASE help! I’m at a loss on what to do. Am I missing something?!

    • Diablolico
      October 21, 02:29 Reply

      I was doing the same thing and W7x64 would not recognize the my Droid3. I tried everything, reinstalling drives, every driver I could find, different ports, all kinds of OS settings. In desperation I switched to the supplied official Motorola USB cable.. now my phone is rooted!

  7. Bullock893
    September 28, 17:44 Reply

    I had rooted my DROID 3 to and everything went well. SUPERUSER is install. But my problem is were is the wifi tethering at. I had download a tethering but it a USB & Wifi tethering. This is causing an issue with my verzion hotspot loading at the same time.

    DO ANYone have just the wifi tethering.

  8. Johnnyboy8780
    October 24, 02:22 Reply

    what if i cant download the 64 bit but i can download the other 32 bit
    my computer says installation error

  9. Kolstrike
    November 21, 12:31 Reply

    how do i got about unrooting the phone after ive followed the directions from the video?

    • Kolstrike
      November 21, 12:32 Reply

      also i have the ice cream sandwich rom how would i add that?

  10. LT
    January 24, 11:06 Reply

    Worked for me…Thanks so much!!!

    Now to the next step, finding a great tethering app.

    • Tterrag1098
      March 29, 23:13 Reply

      Klink. $5, then unlimited tether, no restrictions. PDAnet is good and free, but after a while it blocks secure websites, and its $10 a month.

  11. Mcelroysdroid
    February 18, 15:45 Reply

    A few days ago, when I plugged my Droid 3 into any USB port, on any computer, I could drag down the top of the screen and choose between Charge Only and a few other options. I haven’t been able to get that to happen any longer so I can’t transfer files or even have my Droid show up in Explorer. It will say if I unplug it, make sure to unplug the power source to reserve power, yada yada. So far I’ve tried 4 different computers, many different types of drivers (I’m on a Droid 3 with version 2.3.4) and I’ve even bought two new cords. As a last resort I reset the phone to factory settings and what do you know, it still doesn’t work! If anyone has seen this issue, or knows of a fix, I’d be extremely happy and forever in your debt. [email protected] or [email protected]   thanks in advance for the info and thank you for the how to! Love your site :)

    • Cheddarbiscuits1
      March 19, 10:55 Reply

      I had a similar problem, even though I was in Mass Storage mode, it turns out I had inadvertently unmounted my SD card, though I don’t know if the factory reset in your case should have re-mounted it or not.  I’d recommend checking your Storage settings.

  12. chase
    November 19, 05:31 Reply

    Each time i launch my camera application,i keep getting d error “application camera not responding”….can som1 plz help ?

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