Motorola Xoom 4G LTE Upgrades to Begin Within the Week?

According to an e-mail received by a Droid Life reader, Motorola is to begin the upgrade process within the next week. As long as you’re a business or government customer that is. According to the e-mail, Motorola is piloting the upgrade process before rolling out to the rest of its customers.

Initially it was believed that users would be sending their device back to Verizon for the upgrade. But it appears that business and government users at least, will be sending theirs back to Motorola. Verizon first warned users they would be without their tablets for 6 days, but Motorola is promising a turn around of 3 days, at least for the pilot program.

Those sending back their device for the upgrade are advised to back up their data and either encrypt the information on it or reset it back to factory state. People who have registered for the upgrade will receive packaging and shipping material from Moto so it won’t cost a thing.

Now if only the UK had 4G networks so I could get the upgrade for mine when the time comes. For you US Xoom owners out there, register on the Motorola website to be notified when you’re eligible for the upgrade.

Source: CNET

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