Sprint Joins T-Mobile in Hurricane Preparations


It’s nice to see the carriers come together for a good cause every now and then. If you haven’t watched the news lately, Hurricane Irene is set to hit the southeastern part of the States, namely in South and North Carolina, and Virginia. We’ve already learned that T-Mobile is doing their part, as they’ve sent crisis resources and teams to the areas that may be affected. FEMA has also released a preparedness app, and now it appears that Sprint wants to help as well. They’ve deployed teams up and down the eastern seaboard, to prepare for power outages, flooding, and other disasters. As the saying goes, “better safe than sorry.”

So are any of our readers residing in the eastern area? What precautions are you taking for the hurricane? Leave a comment below!

Source Business Wire


  1. I was supposed to evacuate my building complex & so was everyone else in it.seems no one else left either & are arty the boardwalk, the building park right in front of the easy river in nyc & everyone went out to the peer with there baby’s in carriage’s…crazy people but the hurricane was not as bad as expected & it’s almost over.thank God it didn’t flood either.