EA Releases Free Version of Tetris


Electronic Arts (EA) has followed the recent debut of Scrabble Free with another, equally popular title in Tetris Free.  Featuring new and improved visuals, personal stats, and the popular marathon mode, the game can be downloaded on Android 1.6 devices and higher.  How do they get away with giving this title out for free?  Ads, of course!   We played around for a few minutes and found that while they are definitely present, it’s not the intrusive experience we get out of Scrabble.

“Tetris is one of the most distinctive, well-known and popular video game franchises in the world and it gives EA the opportunity to grow its already-expanding customer base on the Android platform,” said Bernard Kim, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for EA Interactive. “Tetris has a strong legacy in the mobile gaming world and we’re excited to bring a free version of Tetris to yet another great platform.”



    • Well I looked a little deeper into my own issue. I’m in Houston Texas and the market says:

      This app is incompatible with your T-Mobile HTC HTC Vision.
      T-Mobile HTC HTC VisionThis item cannot be installed in your device’s country.

  1. You guys linked to the wrong version in the Market.

    Try this one:  https://market.android.com/details?id=com.ea.tetrisfree_na&feature=search_result