9MP Photo From the Motorola Dinara

Take a look at the photo to the left, it’s a beauty isn’t it? Just look at the detail and the crisp, contrasting colours…Ok so whoever took this photo could have chosen a more interesting subject, but at least the photos statistics are a little more intriguing. It’s a 4000 x 2248 picture uploaded by the unannounced Motorola Dinara. This works out at just under 9MP making the Dinara’s rumoured 13MP camera all the more believable.  Now we’ve mentioned the Dinara before, but this is the first tangible evidence of it actually existing. Here’s a refresher on the specs for you all:

  • Android 2.3
  • 1GB RAM
  • TI processor
  • VGA (640×480) front facing camera
  • HD screen (likely 1280×720) and larger than the Droid Bionic

The device is rumoured to be heading to Verizon AT&T this winter, so it’s also likely to have LTE  on board. Let us know what you think of the device (and that fantastic photo) in the comments below.

UPDATE: The Dinara is in fact likely to be heading to AT&T not Verizon as previously written, typing error on my part there, sorry guys!

Source: PocketNow

  • Looks like crap to me. xD

  • Also, as far as I know, the Dinara is going to AT&T. 

  • Naomi

    It looks like crap to me, too.

  • Guest

    It’s “could have,” not “could of.”  Geez, you’re supposed to be a professional writer.