HTC Sensation Getting Refreshed with Beats by Dr. Dre Tech, Hardware Bump

The HTC Sensation has joined the HTC Vigor and HTC Runnymede as two Android phones expected to offer Beats by Dr. Dre technology.  The Sensation? But I thought that was already out!  According to details obtained by CNET, HTC is looking to refresh the popular handset with new audio technology and earbuds, a faster processor (dual-core 1.5GHz), a bigger battery (1730mAH), and more internal storage space (4GB)!  Sounds like a brand new phone if you ask us.

No date or carrier information is available at this point but the (high) pricing indicates a UK launch is eminent.

  • annoys the crap out of me- those of us who have it already get screwed over!  FFS HTC if you are going to do this just do it in the first place!!
     Oh and releasing a non-borked kernel source would be nice!  I am sure it must be in violation of GPL licence to release an incorrect kernel source that doesn’t actually work???

  • There is no doubt HTC Sensation is a classical type of HTC

  • Anonymous

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