December 21, 2014

Instagram Android App Coming Soon, Confirmed by CEO

If you own an Android device, and are jealous of your iPhone buddies and their Instagram photos, then today is your lucky day. Instagram, an incredibly popular photo app on iOS, is officially coming to Android, as confirmed by the company’s CEO, Kevin Systrom. Now before you ask, there’s not a release date, or even a timeframe for when this might happen. Why? The quote below from Systrom explains it.

It’s hugely important to us, but we’re only six people. Android is a major priority for us, but first we have to build the team, and find the best people in the world to work on these projects. The company is currently hiring engineers and designers to help it move more quickly on all three of these aims.

So, they have to hire  a team to develop the Android app, which could take weeks, most likely months.  The CEO didn’t say when the app is expected to be completed, but he made reference to a web client as well, so users can check their Instagram photos as well as see what their friends are doing with their photos.

With that being said, who’s pumped about Instagram coming to Android? Who doesn’t like Instagram? Be sure to leave a comment below, and give us your two cents!

Source Techland

  • Jim Cipriani

    Camera ZOOM FX is a good app. Nothing’s Instagram tho.

  • Asled

    instagram for iphone only !!!!

  • Magickmystik

    what so freaking hard to make one
    HIRE 60 PEOPLES instead of 6

  • Courtneeey

    I have instgram on my iPod and I use so often so it’s kind of frustrating not being able to use it when I’m out. Thank god it’s coming to android. Two words HURRY UP.

  • LadyStella

    Instagram is great, I miss that about my Iphone, I have since upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy and its great but really needs Instagram – Hurry up!

  • Geejd1

    Cant wait for android version….wife has I phone..i have droid

  • Sudeshna Hamal

    I want instagram asap but as of now i’m using one man with camera, picplz and littlephoto

  • Eherrera0811


  • Athenae22

    Its weird that more people have android phones then iphones. But android don’t get those popular social sharing apps that iphone has. It sucks that androids get it Last they should make it for both phones at the same time.

  • Darlingplyb

    Thats not funny anymore. im sooooooooo mad a instagram coz is taking too long. they are soo lazy, they should hurry up. they dont care about people waiting. :( i need instagram soo bad:( im 32 years old and i feel like a kid waiting for the new toy. buaaaa hurrryyyy up Instagram