Instagram Android App Coming Soon, Confirmed by CEO


If you own an Android device, and are jealous of your iPhone buddies and their Instagram photos, then today is your lucky day. Instagram, an incredibly popular photo app on iOS, is officially coming to Android, as confirmed by the company’s CEO, Kevin Systrom. Now before you ask, there’s not a release date, or even a timeframe for when this might happen. Why? The quote below from Systrom explains it.

It’s hugely important to us, but we’re only six people. Android is a major priority for us, but first we have to build the team, and find the best people in the world to work on these projects. The company is currently hiring engineers and designers to help it move more quickly on all three of these aims.

So, they have to hire  a team to develop the Android app, which could take weeks, most likely months.  The CEO didn’t say when the app is expected to be completed, but he made reference to a web client as well, so users can check their Instagram photos as well as see what their friends are doing with their photos.

With that being said, who’s pumped about Instagram coming to Android? Who doesn’t like Instagram? Be sure to leave a comment below, and give us your two cents!

Source Techland


  1. Kevin said over a month ago they were working on the Android app. Not sure what’s taking them so long. Might end up being too little too late, or just in time to catch people jumping ship from iOS.

  2. The only thing I miss about my iPhone is instagram…if android gets instagram I will be really happy! Please make it happen!!

    • Check out InstaPics in android market which has been developed using Instagram API and offers all basic features of Instagram on a android phone. Need Instagram acc to use this app

      • I believe that app is YOUR app, correct Ravi? Yea well you’re being biased, it sucks, and tell us when it has more than 2 stars. Thanks.

  3. Thats good to hear! Currently donloaded Picplz on my Samsung GT – 15700 (Samsung Galaxy Portal) and it onlu uploads the photos to a Picplz site, and the photos aren’t even that brilliant! iPhone users get it all! Plus I’d like to see a screenshot app that doesn’t require phones to be rooted 🙂
    To conlude; bring it on!

  4. There’s 101 instagram-style apps for Android. Lightbox and ulooki to name but 2. I really don’t see what the big deal is with instagram. It doesn’t sound like they’re gonna be doing the app any time soon, anyway, so just go find an alternative!
    Also, Android is a LOT easier to develop for. I’m a developer myself, and I’ve tried programming iPhone apps and it’s just a headache from start to finish. It’s not intuitive at all. Oh, and you need a Mac to do it on! And there’s so many hoops to jump through before you can publish your apps, it’s a nightmare.
    Programming for Android is a doddle. It’s all done in Java, which anybody can learn, and you can just publish your own app on the Market easily.

    • Thanks for the 2 recommendations. Will be dl’ing those asap! I happen to agree, android apps and programming are just better. I need to learn how to do the programming, I have some app ideas of my own! Thanks again!

    • yeah, but iphone apps are consistently of higher quality. The android marketplace is saturated with terribly useless, and poorly made, apps.

  5. Vignette is the best Android app for photos – better than Lightbox, ulooki, PicPlz, Little Camera, etc. (every other app I’ve tried, basically) as far as I’m concerned because of how customizable you can make things (combining only specific elements from certain filters to make your own). That being said, I would be exciting for Instagram just because of how simple it is to share with friends.

    • Check out InstaPics in android market which has been developed using Instagram API and offers all basic features of Instagram on a android phone. Need Instagram acc to use this app

  6. I would love to see it on Android. What is the current best picture app for Android? I need a new one to upload to Twitter because my TwitPic has failed to work for months on my DROID X.

  7. Vignette or Vignette Demo if you dont want to pay is miles better than instagram. You can choose how you want your picture to develop or you can just chuck it on ‘random’ and let the app decide.. makes for really artistic photos in an instant..

    • Check out InstaPics in android market which has been developed using Instagram API and offers all basic features of Instagram on a android phone. Need Instagram acc to use this app

  8. I have a few decent photog apps on my Galaxy SII, but non have the savvy community of Instagram. They’ve been saying it’s coming for a while, I’ll believe it when I see it.

    I usually grab my iPhone 4 before my SII to shoot, simply because I prefer Instagram.

  9. Check out InstaPics on android market which has been developed using Instagram API and offers all basic features of Instagram on a android phone, Need Instagram account to use this app

  10. i think the main problem might be that there is a bunch of different makes and models of android phones each one has different screen and camera, it would need a huge team of developers to deal with all that

  11. I have it on my ipod touch but my ipod is sorta broken and i really want it on my android phone, im so excited that androids are getting instagram. i and nearly have 1000 followers! I hope it comes.out soon!

  12. I love Instagram! I guess you could call me an ig addict! Im getting a new Android phone soon and id love to see an instagram ap for it!

  13. I REALLY REALLY want it…i had an iPhone then i switched and the first thing i look for was instagram…i would be so happy…if not i might switch back>

  14. one reason I didn’t change my iPhone to andriod is because of instagram. I really want instagram to be on andriod. please make it happen:))

  15. android needs to have the screenshot already in the phone and instagram….and for emoticons to work……i would be a happy android user and not be jealous of my iphone friends anymore

  16. I have instgram on my iPod and I use so often so it’s kind of frustrating not being able to use it when I’m out. Thank god it’s coming to android. Two words HURRY UP.

  17. Instagram is great, I miss that about my Iphone, I have since upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy and its great but really needs Instagram – Hurry up!

  18. Its weird that more people have android phones then iphones. But android don’t get those popular social sharing apps that iphone has. It sucks that androids get it Last they should make it for both phones at the same time.

  19. Thats not funny anymore. im sooooooooo mad a instagram coz is taking too long. they are soo lazy, they should hurry up. they dont care about people waiting. 🙁 i need instagram soo bad:( im 32 years old and i feel like a kid waiting for the new toy. buaaaa hurrryyyy up Instagram