Sprint’s “Rewards Me Plus” Program is for Employees Only


Yesterday saw a Sprint Playbook leaked online which shows what the carrier will be doing over the next few months. Among the details in the playbook were notes of new devices, policy changes, and a rewards program. Called “Rewards Me Plus” it was described as a new phone at full discount, twice a year.  While it sounds incredibly awesome to get a new device every six months at the 2-year pricing, it’s not something us consumers will be seeing anytime soon. Unfortunately, this is an employee program designed to ensure the sales staff is always current with the new hot (Android) phones. TechHog was able to confirm the details with a Sprint source who advised that general customers can still work towards becoming a Gold Premier member and earn a yearly upgrade.

Android Central | Tech Hog


  1. I thought that their employees could already get phones at the two year discount price, my friend did last month and he has only been working for them for like 3 months.

      • It’s for indirect dealers only not corporate . And upgrade ever 6 months . And you have to be on employee plan . Your friend is probably not on employee plan if he has only been there 3 months . Usually you must be six months