Verizon Announces Gingerbread Update for Droid 2

We have a feeling that many of you guys already know this but Verizon has announced that the Android 2.3 Gingerbread update has begun rolling out for the Droid 2. Of course it’s not just a simple OS upgrade as it also includes new apps, features, and improvements.   If you happen to own one of these handset and haven’t updated the device yet, you should be on the lookout for a notification soon. For those of you impatient types, you can grab it yourself by heading to Settings > About Phone > System Updates.  Verizon has set up a support page to help expound the virtues of the update as well as provide a little bit of hand-holding.

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  1. Fawzy Simon
    September 01, 16:04 Reply

    Still not happening. Sorry folks. The cake is a lie.

    • Jokerplayer11023
      September 01, 22:40 Reply

      I just received the up date so every one be on the look out and manually check for updates

    • Ryuichi
      September 05, 15:30 Reply

      I was out and about shopping a few days ago when I looked at my phone to get the time and saw that it was 40% updated.  I didn’t think anything of it until it kept asking me if I wanted to reboot, then I actually looked at what the small print said and realized it was a major update.  And then when I got home,I noticed the notifications bar had changed to blue, so since I had the time, I actually looked at it and realized that things had changed.

      Don ‘t worry, Fawzy, its coming! 


  2. Mikevipsr
    September 01, 16:40 Reply

    Verizon just turned on 4G in Shreveport and Bossier city Louisiana

  3. mark
    September 01, 16:47 Reply

    Update for the Droid 2 Global as well?

  4. Al
    September 02, 21:40 Reply

    Updated to 2.3.3 on Droid 2. The phone is incredible faster and has some cool advancements. It uses a blue color scheme and you’ll have to play around a little to find the old functionality, All in all: a great update!

    • Al
      September 04, 00:32 Reply

      Although I use the extended battery, i have definitely noted better battery life and the wifi/radio issue seems to be corrected as well.

    • Anonymous
      September 05, 08:33 Reply

      please tell me how to at least change it back to the black & white. It’s far too bright for my liking. Plus that white on the bottom of the screen is KILLING me. Please please please and thank you x

  5. Ryuichi
    September 04, 07:12 Reply

    How do I get a black background and white letters again on my Droid?  Its too bright for a nightowl like me to like looking at

  6. LUIS
    September 06, 05:03 Reply

    my phone updated 

    but its freezing alot and restarting alot too 
    what do i do?

  7. sam
    September 16, 23:23 Reply

    Ok…my phone updated and now all my pictures and videos are gone! Does any1 know how to get it back?

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