GameLoft’s ‘Back 2 School Sale’ Sets All Android Games at 99¢

How do you unwind after a dreadful first week back to school or listening to “the man” at work?  You take out your frustrations in a first-person shooter or adrenaline-fueled racing game.  GameLoft, a company who excels at providing just those types of games, has started a Labor Day promotion to help get you back in line.  From now until September 5th the company has slashed the prices of their entire Android roster, putting them at the attractive 99¢ price point.  To take advantage of the deal you will have to follow a special URL, found here.

And as if that was not awesome enough, Gameloft is also giving away free copies of their “most popular and iconic Android games”.  How does one get in on that?  It’s simple!

  1. Follow Gameloft on Twitter
  2. Like Gameloft on Facebook
  3. Keep an eye out for Gameloft to tweet or make an announcement
  4. Download quickly (2-hr time limit)


  • Their website is really retarded and 9 times out of 10, it fails to download the game I want. Once they get some sanity and put ALL their games on the Android market (heck, even the Amazon Appstore) I’ll buy.

    Until then, meh.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed. And making me buy the game again any time I get a new phone (even warranty replacements require you contacting their CS) is just lame. Their (sales) goal seems to be extracting as much money as possible out of their customers. In contrast, one of Android’s strong points is being able to buy my apps once and use them wherever I, the owner, want to. When gameloft starts working with that model of flexibility, I’ll eagerly pick up four or five of their games.