Verizon Lures Smart Phone Buyers with $100 Trade-In Coupon

So you’ve decided that you’re ready to pick up an Android handset but you’re undecided as to which carrier is right for you. Verizon, hoping to sway you just a little bit, recently introduced a new trade-in/rebate program. It works like this – buy a new smart phone, trade in your old one, and receive a $100 gift card. The promotion runs through September 30th so you have a few weeks to decide which handset is right for you. Plus, it buys you some time in the event the Droid Bionic gets stage fright.

Moving along, Verizon is also offering some Labor Day love to new and certified pre-owned devices. Depending on what you might be looking to score, the carrier has some good deals.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome, Printapon saves me time and money! You can see the coupons instantly and don’t have to search for ones.

  • Tomtom

    fine print says $100 Verizon gift card, ie only good at Verizon store

  • Khc2101

    It’s only good for old basic phone and not old smart phone.  So if you have an old smart phone then you are out of luck