February 1, 2015

AndroidGuys Weekly Wrap-Up: Free T-Mobile Phones, Samsung Galaxy Note, and More!

Let’s take a look back at some of the bigger, more newsworthy items from last week, shall we? There was plenty to talk about in the world of Android, but we’ve narrowed it down to a few items. Hit the video after the break and join our own Phil Esposito as he runs through some of the stuff we’re still talking about this week.

Links to mentioned posts can be found below. Be sure to check back every Monday for a new AndroidGuys Weekly Wrap-Up video!


Gal Tab 8.9/ Gal S II LTE- http://goo.gl/J1h2h
HTC Vigor Images- http://goo.gl/EykRL
Droid Prime- http://goo.gl/ii8s5
Samsung ChatOn- http://goo.gl/Qno1e
Motorola Pro+-http://goo.gl/ufxgX
USA Galaxy S II-http://goo.gl/tEjQl
HTC Jetstream- http://goo.gl/yKofS
Sony Arc S- http://goo.gl/nKOUi
Instagram for Android- http://goo.gl/lcLnd
Gal Tab 7.7- http://goo.gl/757h3
Samsung Galaxy Note- http://goo.gl/8LajQ
Big Android BBQ- http://goo.gl/HLVvy
Free T-Mobile Phones- http://goo.gl/Wa6PK