LG’s Optimus 3D Successor Could Feature a 7mm Waistline

LG has hinted that they are working on an ultra-thin successor to their Optimus 3D handset with hopes to have it out in 2012.  Speaking recently with Pocket-Lint, LG’s Dr. Henry Noh mentioned that one place where their phone(s) could get better is in the waistline.  As phones move to 4.3-inch (and larger) standard display sizes, the focus turns to these touch-only handsets stand out.  One way to improve upon previous designs is to add features internally while shaving the thickness down.  Hinting at an Optimus 3D successor with an ultra-thin 7mm thickness, Noh admitted that the current model is “not the slimmest and sexiest phone on the street”.

“Next year, all the phones are going to be as thin as, let’s say, 6mm. You throw in 3D, and because of the thickness and stuff, it becomes 7mm. But I bet you 90 per cent of the population won’t know the difference.  Eventually, we want to make it so that having the 3D won’t necessarily mean that it’s going to be thicker. That’s going to be a differentiating factor that comes for free to the user.”

How does a pencil-thin phone with glasses-free 3D sound?

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  1. Mil
    September 06, 14:22 Reply

    My Samsung Galaxy S is about 8mm thin. I think this is as thin as I’d want to go. Any thinner and it’ll feel a bit to flimsy. As for the 3D, I think 3D is a gimmick that’ll pass. Too many people get head aches from it so can’t see it taking off. Even if 3D mobiles sell, I’m guessing many will not use that feature.

  2. Popojoe
    September 06, 19:31 Reply

    3d is definitely a gimmick… they’ve been trying to revive 3D since the early 70’s and have failed over and over… and on a phone? come on…

  3. Advanced Technology Korea
    September 07, 05:56 Reply

    That’s quite the waistline.  Nice share and definitely expecting great things from LG 3D endeavors.  I shared this with the audience over at project Advanced Technology and Design Korea’s Facebook and twitter :) Browse the blog when you can, hopefully you will find the content there fun and helpful.  Have a good one and keep it up!

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