Team TouchDroid Hard at Work, Touchscreen and Multitouch Now Functional

Since HP’s fire sale of TouchPads, Team TouchDroid has been hard at work to successfully get Android ported to the device. It appears that they’ve made a breakthrough, as they’re reporting that they have Android 2.3.5 booting on the TouchPad, with touchscreen drivers working, and 10-finger multitouch functioning as well. You can see what that looks like in the video below.


There’s no word on what else is functional as of yet, but the team is working nonstop to bring some Android love to the HP TouchPad. That $1500 bounty is still up for grabs, so perhaps Team TouchDroid will be the first to get a full Android port working on the device.

So who managed to get a TouchPad at the discounted price? Do you plan to run Android on it once the port is finalized? Drop a comment below!

Source Team TouchDroid

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  1. seo company
    September 07, 01:33 Reply

    Thank you for useful video. Can you help me what is better iPad 2 or this TouchPad?

  2. jude2017
    September 07, 01:56 Reply

    got a touchpad. i’m probably going to wait a month or so after the port is successful, just to make sure the kinks are all worked out, to install android. 

  3. Ip
    September 07, 02:18 Reply

    I’m starting to like WebOS, so if I can’t dual boot I’m not installing anything else in the foreseeable future.

  4. HughDiego
    September 07, 07:00 Reply

    TouchDroid  is  always a step slower.

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