HTC Files Suit Against Apple, Uses Patents Obtained by Google


It’s about time we saw a manufacturer fire back at Apple’s extraneous patent lawsuits. I suppose it doesn’t surprise me that HTC fired the first shots today. That’s right, HTC has filed several patent lawsuits against the fruity corporation. In the past year, Google obtained nine patents, from Motorola, Palm, and OpenWave Systems. On September 1st, they transferred the patents to HTC for use. It didn’t take long for the Taiwanese company to use these as a weapon against Apple.

HTC sued Apple in federal court in Delaware, alleging infringement on four patents from Motorola. A complaint was also filed with the U.S. International Trade Commission in D.C., claiming that three patents from OpenWave, along with two more from Palm, were also broken by Apple.

No word on how Apple plans to respond to these allegations, but we expect some kind of statement to be released in the next day or two. With that being said, who else is excited to see Android OEMs fighting back in the patent wars? Drop a comment below!

Source Bloomberg


  1. Kinda happy. Honestly though, i wish they would stop wasting all the money and find a way to lower the price of our phones a bit more. Maybe more R& D for how to enable longer battery life on phones and even better software.

  2. I would love to see how the “open world” is dealing with the apple attacs.
    Actually it look like, that the fruity company wants to avoid and freeze any innovation.
    I hope thay won´t succed.

  3. I think everyone should sue the crap out of Apple. Completely overwhelm them and push them back under the stone from where they crawled out from.