Samsung Confirms Nexus Prime Name

Samsung may have just leaked the name of the next Nexus device, and arguably the next greatest Android phone. Samsung leaked a user agent for the third Nexus, as pictured below.

Instead of giving us a “Page not found” error, the Nexus Prime user agent shows up clear as day on Sammy’s website. While the specifications on the page aren’t completely correct (at least, we don’t think so) the fact that the site exists is basically confirmation that the device will not only be manufactured by Sammy, but it’ll be called the Nexus Prime.

So now that it’s almost official, who loves the name? Who hates it? Leave a comment below!

User Agent page

Source AndroidAndMe

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  1. Nexus Pryme
    September 07, 23:28 Reply

    Love it! One of my gmail accounts is Nexus Pryme… Can’t complain

  2. Nexus Pryme
    September 07, 23:28 Reply

    Love it! One of my gmail accounts is Nexus Pryme… Can’t complain

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  4. wedding invitations
    September 08, 10:22 Reply

    Samsung appears to have unofficially confirmed the name of Google’s next flagship Android handset, the Nexus Prime.Well Nexus Prime seems to be awesome..thanks for the post!

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