Second Annual AndroidTO Conference Kicks off in Toronto on October 26th

Last year, a group of Canadians got together and decided it was time for their lovely nation to celebrate the awesomeness of Android. Gathering together developers, enthusiasts, exhibitors and sponsors, these crafty Canucks created the AndroidTO conference and brought the lean, green, Android machine to the great city of Toronto. While Android was surely a minority in the Canadian mobile market, the conference was met with overwhelming support and was a huge success. Android has continued to soar and devour market share and has since seen its community and support grow tenfold. That is why we are happy to announce that AndroidTO will be returning to Toronto for its second annual conference starting October 26th.

This years event promises to be even bigger, bringing together developers and enthusiasts for a dessert digesting day of great technology. Featuring top speakers and developers from the Android community, AndroidTO will:

Provide a forum for Android developers, Open Source supporters and enthusiasts of mobile technology to learn about the latest product innovations and solutions, as well as new programming techniques, including the opportunity to network with other developers in the community. Come connect with other like minded individuals in the community!

Many of our great community members will be there to rock the house. Members such as our favorite developing duo Matthew “No chicken wings” Patience and Greg “Pixeladdikt” Carron of Mobicartel will be there discussing the future of NFC (Near Field Communication) technology and the many ways it can be used in mobile applications. Another AndroidGuys native that will be bringing down the house at AndroidTO is none other than’s daddy and Android evangelist extraordinaire, Mr. Scotty “das boot” Brown. He will be speaking on the evolution of the Android community and how its vast diversity has shaped the Android ecosystem into the amazing community that we see today. If those guys aren’t enough to get you excited about AndroidTO, there’s always the possibility of free cookies or perhaps free ice-cream sandwiches?

The month of October seems to be the month of awesome Android events and AndroidTO is one you’ll surely want to check out. For more information on AndroidTO, be sure to click on the link below.

Source: AndroidTO

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