Create Your Own Live Wallpapers with DroidAppGen

Who needs the Google App Inventor?  Wanna-be Android developers looking to spruce up their home screen can take matters into their own hands and create  a personalized Live Wallpaper.  With prices that start at 1.49€ (~ $2 US), DroidAppGen lets anyone and everyone build a unique background for their phone or tablet to be kept private or shared with friends.  As of today there are two options to choose from – Diapo and Motion.

Hit the break to read details for both Live Wallpaper choices, but keep in mind that the native language is French.  There are a couple of places where things might sound silly but it makes sense as a whole.


  • Pictures change when you want : user can define the frequency to change picture (5 minutes to 24 hours).
  • The user can touch the screen to change the background.
  • 3 to 20 picture average – depending of the total size to uploaded images
  • Changing frequency and touchscreen management via a preference screen
  • The Live Wallpaper Diapo is great to build a family portfolio, keep your favorite pics or your hobbies !


  • Play really animated sequence in background
  • Until 30Mo of picture
  • Perpetual animation or only on touchscreen
  • 1 to 25 images per second
  • User preferences : let user plays animation as he wants