Google Maps Gets a Minor Update

Google pushed out a minor update (v5.10) to their massively popular (100,000,000 – 500,000,000 installs!) Google Maps application yesterday, adding in a pair of new features. Users will find that they are now able to attach photos to Google Place reviews and/or view Places with 4 and 5 star ratings. These ratings are not from the general pool, rather, they come directly from the user.

Thinking longer term, these could be tied to Latitude and Google Plus and provide a whole new layer of discoverability. Imagine flying into town and being able to see all of the highly rated places that your friends and extended circles recommend. Toss in the Zagat rating stuff and it gets pretty awesome.


  • Patrick203

    Just updated on my EVO 4g.  Noticed that the navigation volume has disappeared and now is the same as media volume.  Now when I stream Slacker the navigation speaks still while the music still plays instead of muting the music.  I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled a few times to be sure and it is the same thing each time.  Has anyone else noticed this?

    • Anonymous

      Ya, I’ve noticed the same thing. It’s incredibly annoying and my guess is that it’s a bug.