Tripit App Gets a Facelift

TripIt pushed out an update to their traveling companion application earlier this week, hoping to spur even more usage among Android users. The facelift is designed to make it easier for travelers to hop between connections and itineraries as well as view rewards program points (TripIt Pro). The developers recently conducted a survey which found that Android folks don’t travel quite as often as their BlackBerry and iOS counterparts. According to their collected data, the average Android TripIt user is between the ages of 25-29 and takes a leisure trip somewhere between one and three times a year.

TripIt is available in two flavors, a free (ad-based) version and a paid ($3.99) version. Download the latest release (v1.8) for any Android device running 2.1 or higher.  Download links and press release after the break.



TripIt Reveals Android App Facelift and Younger User Trend

Android Usage is More Popular Among Gen-Y than iPhone or BlackBerry

San Francisco, CA—8 September 2011: TripIt, the leading mobile trip organizer from Concur (Nasdaq CNQR), today unveiled a facelift for its Android app, designed to make it even easier for travelers to navigate between itineraries and connections, and view reward program points for TripIt Pro users. Also available is an ad-free version of the Android app for $3.99.

The design and navigation enhancements coincide with the results of a new survey conducted by TripIt, which found that Android users skew younger and travel less frequently than their iPhone and BlackBerry-toting counterparts.

Android Use Peaks Among Millennials

  • A higher percentage of TripIt’s Android users are in their late twenties (25-29) and early thirties (30-34) than any other smartphone group.
  • Among iPhone and BlackBerry users, the largest percentages are in their late thirties (35-39) and early forties (40-44).

On the Road Again? Not Necessarily
· TripIt’s Android users travel less frequently for business than other smartphone users.

  • 21 percent of Android users travel 15 or more times per year for business, compared to 36 percent of BlackBerry users and 23 percent of iPhone users.
  • Android users take less leisure trips per year than iPhone users.
  • A higher percentage of Android users take 1-3 leisure trips per year than iPhone users; meanwhile, a higher percentage of iPhone users take four or more leisure trips per year than Android users.

Favorite Travel Apps

  • Beyond TripIt, other popular travel apps for Android users are: Google Maps, Yelp and TripAdvisor.

Regardless of their differences, nearly half of TripIt’s smartphone users said having all their travel plans in one place is the primary reason they would recommend the service to others.

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