NVIDIA Roadmap Full of Superheroes

A newly leaked NVIDIA roadmap has surfaced, reminding us that the future of mobile performance is paved with superheroes.  While we might still be a few months away from seeing the first “Kal-El” multi-core processors, we already have a good idea as to what the chipmaker is doing next. 

The short term (middle of 2012) looks to feature a refreshed Kal-El chipset for the whereas the end of the year should see the first signs of “Wayne” and “Grey” platforms.   Look for Wayne to power high-end smart phones and tablets while Grey will power the more basic smart phones.

The timeline of this leaked document differs somewhat from the roadmap that was leaked back in February.  We reported earlier this year that 2013 would see the introduction of the “Logan” chipset with 2014 ushering in the era of “Stark” processors.  Judging by this new info it’s quite possible that we could get into 2015 before see that one, especially if NVIDIA decides to continue to refresh their current models.

Trust us, whenever it arrives it will have been worth the wait.  The stuff we’re getting later this year will pale in comparison to the Stark chipset.  According to previous details, this guy will be 75-100X more powerful than today’s Tegra 2.

Source: Heise Online via AndroidAndMe


  • Anonymous

    Funny how Nvidia seems to be implying that ARM processors will soon blow x86 processors away in terms of performance. Of course that’s a joke. The x86 architecture provides faster performance for consumer devices than any other architecture. Power consumption is where ARM shines, not performance.

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