CyanogenMod 7 Hits Sensation and Evo 3D


If you really love rooting devices and running custom ROMs, then I am sure you’re familiar with CyanogenMod. The latest version, CM7, has been available on a multitude of devices for quite some time now, and it looks like we can add two more devices to that list. The Cyanogenmod team has launched much-anticipated Alpha versions of CM7 for both the HTC Sensation and the Evo 3D. They’re available for download from both RootzWiki and XDA. 

At the moment, both ROMs are in the same (very early) stage. According to early user feedback, there are bugs in the ROM, but it’s good enough for daily usage. If you want to flash it on your EVO 3D or Sensation, you’ll need S-Off. So, if you think you’re ready to experience CyanogenMod on you device, you can download it by using the links below.

Evo 3D: XDA | RootzWiki

Sensation: XDA | RootzWiki

Has anyone flashed the ROM yet? What are your initial thoughts? Drop a comment below!

Source AndroidAndMe

  • Michal Palczewski

    I hope they get it to the epic soon. 

  • Anonymous

    I flashed cm7 on my sensation the second it was available and I can tell you that for an alpha release its very stable and I haven’t found any real bugs that would hinder my experience. Thephobe is extremely fast and smooth, apps open instantly without any type of lag or stutter.this thing is buttery smooth.if this is alpha, I can’t wait to see beta and nightlies 😉 thanks cm team!!

  • Tylerjpeters

    Ive been running it for a full day now on my sensation ( I’m posting this comment using it!) And most everything is working quite well… the browser can be best described as “desktop speed” and the whole phone works buttery smooth! There are a couple minor bugs and a few hiccups along the way but the system as a whole is ready for day to day use by all but the least techy and understanding of us. (You know who you are…)

  • Almahix

    Can’t wait for Moto/Google to unlock my new Bionic so the CM7 can be ported to it. I used it on my DROID and miss all of the extras and customizations.

  • Good news for me, can not wait for using it

  • Charlie Du

    still…only for cdma evo 3d. what about us gsm users?

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