Optimus Black Coming to Sprint as ‘LG Marquee’

As some of you may have heard, a recent RadioShack YouTube video inadvertently outted a new LG handset for Sprint.  Showing up as a cameo in a clip designed to promote the white Evo 3D, the only thing we had to go on was a name “LG Marquee” and a frontal shot of the phone.  Here we are a few days later and we now know this Marquee will actually be a Sprint variant of the Optimus Black.  How so?  Pocketnow did the legwork here and managed to tie the LS855 model number to other iterations of the Optimus Black using leaked Sprint Cellebrite data.

Unfortunately we don’t have any indication as to how soon we’ll see the Marquee nor what it’s price point will be.  Either way, we can’t wait to get our hands on this magical device. Did you know that every box includes a kitten, sunglasses, a bottle of perfume, and a watch?

UPDATE: New image from Pocketnow, shows press-ready artwork.

  • Techiefashionista

    This device will be the one that leading fashionitas will carry without any shame.   This will fit into the high standard of fashion.   Less than 9.2mm thickness and lighter than quarter pounds with brightest Nova display.   This device will stand out as it is in the hands of all the people who care about fashion.   I cannot wait until I throw my ugly phone and get this phone.  Finally…