Rogers Wireless Launching Samsung Galaxy S II LTE in Canada

Samsung recently announced their U.S. variants of the Galaxy S II for T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint. Then late last month, Sammy officially launched the LTE version of the Galaxy S II, which is slightly bigger and better than the original GSII. Canadian carrier Rogers Wireless is now gearing up to launch the Samsung Galaxy S II LTE in Canada, and they are planning to launch it on Sept. 20. Users in Toronto and Ottawa will be able to get their hands on it before anyone else.  Have a look at a statement from Rogers:

Customers in Toronto and Ottawa can be among the first in the world to experience LTE wireless devices when the company continues to roll out its LTE product line this fall.  It includes:  the Samsung Galaxy S II LTE Smartphone; the LTE Rocket mobile hotspot (Sierra Wireless AirCard 754S); Rogers LTE Rocket stick (now available in Ottawa); LTE Tablet from a leading manufacturer; and the previously announced HTC Smartphone.

No word on pricing, but we expect it to run around $200-$250. So, is anyone in Canada planning to pick up a Galaxy S II next week? Drop a comment below!

Source Android Central

  • Hi there

    I am Elise from Rogers and just wanted to let you know that there is now confirmed launch date yet for the Samsung Galaxy S II LTE. Existing customers can already reserve the device via our National Reservation System.
    However, we have confirmed we would launch our LTE network in Toronto on September 28, after launching in Ottawa last on July7, making it another one of Rogers firsts.

  • Got2skydive

    Great…! Can’t wait to switch my iPhone over for a Galaxy S II..!!! Heard a lot about it…