Google Preps Android Developers for ICS


The official Android Developers blog has given us our first glimpse into how Android apps will operate when scaled across both phone and tablet displays and running Ice Cream Sandwich.  In a post written to help developers prepare their apps for the next release of Android, Google’s Scott Main outlines how fragments and the action bar will work when they make the transition to smaller screen sizes.  

Starting with the Ice Cream Sandwich release, one version of Android will work on all screen sizes – big (TV), small (phone), and everything in between (tablet). Currently, most Honeycomb apps are created to work on bigger displays (tablet), so developers decide to either “prevent installation on smaller screens” or more preferably, support smaller screens with the same APK.”

Considering all the movement and rumors surrounding the Nexus Prime and Ice Cream Sandwich, we should be getting very close to some official business.


  • Anonymous

    My favourite thing when I read their blog post, was that the picture of the ICS handset was of a Nexus One – Ok, so it’s not a photo, but the fact they used that as the example has to count for something toward the idea that it’ll be coming? I certainly hope so! Would happily hang on to my N1 for another year if it does.

  • RabidRotty

    Using blue, is that a hint of the ui color scheme to come?

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