HTC Beat Will be a PMD, not a Phone (Rumor)

The collaboration between HTC and Beats Audio seems to be spawning new devices and rumors left and right.  Just off the top of our head we can already think of multiple (Vigor/Droid Incredible HD, Runnymede/Bass, Bliss/Rhyme, Sensation XE) HTC handsets expected to launch with the new Beats technology.  It’s time add another device to the mix, although this one is not a smart phone.

Details and a blurry image emerged over the weekend for an HTC Beat, which is rumored to be a personal media player.  Much like Samsung has done with the Galaxy Player, this would be a full-on Android experience (Android Market, Gmail, Maps) but lack any phone connectivity.

Glance at the picture to the left and you’ll see what appears to be a standard Sense 3.0 UI screen. Now, look closer at the bottom menu button where the word “Music” is listed. On any other Android handset, this is where it says “Phone”.

Details suggest that the HTC Beat will offer Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and DLNA connectivity however we’ll need to wait for an official announcement. We’d love to see some of the same cutting-edge hardware (dual-core 1.5GHz CPU, 1GB RAM, 32GB memory) find its way over to this media player so that we can enjoy our first-person shooters while we rock out.

Wonder if we’ll see this announced at tomorrow’s HTC event?

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  • Anonymous

    So gonna sell my iPod touch! Good music quality, if at a low price, HERE I COME

  • Chuck

    Would LOVE an HTC android portable media player with Beats.  I would certainly buy if it is produced and released in U.S.  Would like it if it had at least a 4″ display, and preferrably a 4.5 to 5″ display.

  • ScottS

    Hurry up and bring it to market.  I don’t want to have to buy an iPod Touch.  My DroidX just died and I am not replacing and paying these ridiculous monthly fees for data.  I want an Android PMP and all the apps to use over wifi…. I will just get a flip phone for phone calls which I hardly make anymore anyways.