Twitter Poem Hints at Nexus Prime Details, Launch Date


Late last night and early this morning, the Android community was teased with a Twitter poem by one @tfleming223.  The subject matter? The Nexus Prime’s hardware details (LTE, world-roaming) and its alleged launch date.

Read on through the break for the full poem and glean what you will from the cryptic message.  Assuming this guy is right, and he likely is, we can expect a November 3rd debut for the Verizon handset.  

While things that go bump in the night, surely give you a fright,
It’s all in good fun as I share treats and panda fun.

So Instead of filling your belly with candies, jellies and other hollows eve fare,
Perhaps your palate will cast a ballot, for an ice cream sandwich instead.

With an internal date now set and LTE a sure bet,
Those that get Tim Cook’s new pet will be filled with green eyed regret.

But wait you cry for what date can you buy?
This the panda did shall share…

Fore on the date Bruce Wayne’s true father did die;
you shall in fact be able to buy in stores of red and black.

But those who pay other masters don’t fret,
over exclusive deals and bets

For in many other favors you will get your treat
be they GSM or wimax radios inside, the nexus brand will ride world wide

But as he lays in the corner with a Beer and a boner the Panda said with a sigh…
“Be it a Droid or Nexus branded new toy, with dual cores “hd” screens, fancy new widgets and more….

The one with the keyboard is what I enjoy”

Android followers may recall a similar tactic employed by another Twitter user, @black_man_x, (The Panda King) who ultimately proved to be very accurate as it pertained to both the HTC Thunderbolt and Droid Bionic.

How would you feel about the Nexus line of devices going back to a QWERTY (G1, Droid) form factor?

  • Sarosh Khwaja

    Be it a Droid or Nexus branded new toy

    Meaning it’s a Motorola?

    • no because remember samsung made the droid charge so its samsung

      • Bob

         HTC makes the “Droid Incredible” and Samsung makes the “Droid Charge”.

    • Bob

      HTC makes the “Droid Incredible” and Samsung makes the “Droid Charge”.

  • Elvis

    I’d rather it not har har, i have not yet owned a phone without a keyboard (droid 1/2) and was hoping to give it a whirl 😛

  • TubbyPirate

    Physical keyboards satisfy the tastes of many and those who prefer touchscreen can keep it closed. It’s all about options which is Android’s strong suit.

  • Ok, so its a verizon LTE Device with a keyboard? 

  • “But as he lays in the corner with a Beer and a boner”
    Wait, what?

  • Anonymous

    Oh yeah!  Android Prime with a keyboard?!  I don’t care what it costs at this point!  Interesting note, the OG droid was released Friday, November 6th two years ago.  First week of November seems very likely for this Nexus Prime.

  • Anonymous

    actually, they are both the same users, and he said he changed his name

  • William Carlson

    Wow, if it has a keyboard I am sold!  Actually, I was already sold, my Nexus One has seen some tough times.  Little guy is on his last legs; he’s a trooper that Nexus One.

  • Ron

    “be they GSM or wimax radios inside, the nexus brand will ride world wide”
    I dearly hope this means the Prime is a single device with full quad-band 3G support (850/900/1900/2100).
    Many Android devices are built for either 850MHz or 900MHz, not both. And usually the 850MHz version comes out 3-6 months later. While they may be in the minority, major carriers world-wide use 850MHz (including AT&T and Telstra), so having to wait until the device is obsoleted before being able to get a model for my carrier is a constant frustration.

    Blackberry, Apple, and a few other major manufacturers ship devices with full GSM quad-band 3G support, so I don’t understand why Motorola, Sony, Samsung and HTC don’t.

    (Note: this is completely separate to quad-band 2G, which almost every device has had for years).

  • Cool! This does confirm early November (Thomas Wayne, not sure, but Bob Kane died on November 3rd, 1998), and that the Verizon version drops first, Droid-branded, but it’s the same as the Nexus models on other providers. I wonder about the GSM support … in particular, you need 850MHz, 1700MHz, 1900MHz, and 2100MHz for full US coverage (T-Mo and AT&T), in addition to the 900MHz, 1800MHz, and 2100MHz needed for Europe. So folks need to stop wishing for quad band — only a six bander really fulfils the original promise of one Nexus for any carrier. Well, seven, once you add in 700MHz for US LTE.. and that doesn’t necessarily cover European LTE … it just never ends, does it. 

    I was already pretty convinced this would be my next phone… it’s certainly timed to meet all of us OG Droid users getting off that two year contract (yeah, Verizon lets you re-up early if you want, and the “Bionic” isn’t a bad option, but not really an option until the full “Prime” specs are revealed). A keyboard would absolutely rock! Though the way he’s writing it, do they all have keyboards, or just some versions? Hmm… even the OG Droid keyboard is far faster than an on-screen keyboard, plus, you get the whole screen to use while typing. I figured I’d give up a keyboard for 4G, LTE, and a 720p AM-OLED screen if I absolutely had to, but anything in that same ballpark with a keyboard might be my next device… great thing about Android, there’s always something better around the corner. And very soon, not “maybe in a year”. Or “never”, as would be the answer for “iPhone with keyboard” or even “iPhone with OLED screen”.