Google+ Announces New Features for Mobile Apps

Google have just taken to their blog to announce some new features for their social networking site Google+. The majority of these new features are aimed at the mobile apps for the site, the biggest being mobile Hangouts for Android handsets running 2.3+ with a front facing camera. I’ve yet to try out this new feature but I hope the majority of you agree it’s a welcome addition.

One thing that annoyed me a little is that you can now +1 comments in the stream but only on iOS devices, what sort of treachery is this Google?! Although Android support is coming soon and the iOS app doesn’t yet have mobile hangouts so I’d say we’re still winning overall on the features front.

Here’s a list of all the new features:

  • Improved SMS support. Users in the US and India can now post to Google+, receive notifications, and respond to group messages via SMS (with more countries on the way). To start texting, just verify your phone number in Google+ settings.
  • Improved +mentions support. To add someone in your circles to a conversation (or simply get their attention), you can now +[their name] inside a post or comment.
  • +1’ing comments. When you read a great comment in the Stream, you can now +1 it directly from your iOS device (with Android coming soon).
  • Edit your profile photo. You can now put your best face forward, from where you happen to be. Just visit your profile, click edit, and you can choose or take a new picture.
  • Customize your notifications. Some notifications may be more important than others, especially when you’re on the go. Now you can decide which ones you see (or not) on your phone.
  • Make some room. If you’re taking lots of photos, or installing lots of apps, then internal storage can sometimes shrink. That’s why you can now move the Google+ app to SD storage on Android devices.
  • Huddle is being renamed to Messenger, including photo sharing support (anyone else a bit miffed this hasn’t been put into Talk yet?)
  • And of course mobile Hangouts

What do you guys think of the new features? What else would you like to see in future app updates? Let us know in the comments below.

UPDATE: I forgot to include that with Google+ moving from field trial to Beta, they have moved from invitation only to open sign up. I’m guessing if you’re reading this you’ve probably already signed up to Google+ but if not then what are you waiting for?!

Source: Google





  • Frankly speaking, I think google+ is less useful compared with facebook and twitter

  • Skymanscott

    Still no pinch and zoom capability on Android, tablets or phone devices.  A deal breaker and the tail wagging the dog.  

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