Google and Oracle Attempting Settlement Ahead of Trial

After spending more than one year of battling back and forth, Google and Oracle are in court, attempting to smooth things out. A quick primer – Oracle has accused Google of infringing on some of their Java software patents.  The CEO’s for both companies were in front of a magistrate yesterday, although much of the day was spent behind closed doors.  The two (Larry Page, Larry Ellison) were ordered to meet in court this week and, according to Magistrate Judge Paul Grewal, should prepare to meet up until September 30.

“It could be that they are truly making progress and need time to go back and look at the numbers,” Chris Renk, a patent attorney at Banner & Witcoff who isn’t involved in the case, said in a phone interview. “They may also be trying to show the judge presiding over the case, hey, we made a good faith effort at settlement talks.”

A trial is scheduled to begin October 30th.